About Us

Kampua noodle is a Foochow delicacy which represents Sibu town.  It is easily cooked, served in a plate with slices of meat and pieces of fried shallots and spring onion sprinkled on it. The secret behind its savoury aroma and taste is of course the traditional fat, which is lard.


The Kitchen Food Manufacturing S/B started off as a humble coffee shop in 2012. 6 months from then, we started to do Instant Kampua Packaging on a very small scale. The idea came from customers who requested for ‘frozen Kampua’ as take-aways on oversea trips.


I had similar experience with “frozen kampua” while overseas.  I know how that strong desire and craving for home-town Kampua. So, my mission is to create Instant Sibu Kampua so that anyone, anywhere and anytime can enjoy a plate of wholesome home-cooked Kampua.


Our Packing standard 


In the Mood for Kampua


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