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Propolis is an aromatic resinous substance that honey bees produce by mixing their saliva with plant resin they gathered. Its colour varies from yellow to dark brown depending on its botanical source. At temperatures 20 °C and above, it is soft and sticky. Propolis is used to seal small gaps in the hive and acts as a food reserve for the bees when the weather conditions do not permit them to go on a forage. Propolis contains antibacterial ingredients, and thus, is able to effectively protect the larvae, young bees and queen bees from the invasion of mould, bacteria or viruses.


Humans have been using propolis since 300 BC. The ancient Egyptians used this gel to prevent the dead from decay. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, it was pointed out that propolis could be used to treat toothaches as well as perform disinfection and sterilization effectively.




The benefits of consuming propolis :

1. Propolis has antibacterial effect: Propolis can be used as a sterilizer, disinfectant, bacteriostat, and antiseptic. This means that it has an advantage over antibiotics which works only on a single microorganism. At the same time, it has no side effects. Furthermore, it has shown a good therapeutic effect on common skin diseases.

2. Propolis can promote tissue regeneration and repair. It works well in treating various oral diseases, and can even be used to treat gastric ulcer.

3. Propolis has a significant effect on the treatment of common colds. The quercetin in propolis reduces the virus’ ability to infect and replicate.

4. Prevent cancer. Propolis is rich in anti-cancer substances. Studies have shown that, upon propolis consumption, cancerous cells reduce in size and the side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy are alleviated.

5. Propolis can strengthen cell membrane, activate cells, regulate various enzymatic activities, protect and detoxify the liver, and have therapeutic and protective effects on acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis and various liver toxifications.

6. Propolis can improve one’s immunity.

7. Propolis can lower both triglycerides and cholesterol.

8. Propolis can alleviate menopausal symptoms.

9. As a beauty care, propolis can decompose pigments, smooth wrinkles, slow down aging, etc.

10. Propolis is also a good pain reliever.

11. Propolis can improve one's immunity function by enhancing the synthesis of antibodies and the phagocytic ability of immunity cells. This is how it gets to be known as "natural antibiotics"!



Who are prohibited from taking propolis:

1. Hypersensitive people.      

2. Pregnant women.    

3. Infants and young children under the age of 1.



Drink 5-8 drops with water or swab the affected area with cotton bud soaked in liquid or as professionally prescribed. Shake well before use.




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